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Part 2 of SMA's Great BIG Composition Competition is live!

We've had a fantastic response so far from the SMA community about our exciting Great BIG Composition Competition, including this note from SMA piano teacher, Anne Bolt:

I hope everyone is embracing it with enthusiasm, because Danny's videos and ideas are total genius. I have to admit that my first thought was, "Oh no, I'm not a composer, I can't compose, I don't really want to do this," but by the time I had watched the first video and printed out Activity sheet A, I was well confident and raring to go onto Activity sheet B!”

All of the information and materials needed to take part can be found on the Parent/Staff portal of our website.

The deadline to Part I of our Composition Competition is Sunday 14th March.

The deadline for Part 2 is Sunday 28th March.

On to Danny's Part 2 message:


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