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Frequently Asked Questions

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Example Student timetables and tuition fees...

Archie is 9 years old and attends SMA from 8.30am-1.15pm. He attends Junior Choir, Junior Strings Class, and Junior Strings Orchestra. He also attends Theory and Aural Grade 2 classes, and then has a 30-minute 1-1 lesson with his violin teacher after lunch.

Archie’s fees are c£2,000 a year

or c£67 per week.

Becky is 17 years old and attends SMA from 9.15am-5pm. She attends the Senior Piano and Advanced Composition classes, and then has 60-minute 1-1 lessons on the Piano and Oboe with her instrumental teachers. After the lunchtime concert, she participates in the Woodwind Trio and Chamber Orchestra until 5pm.

Becky’s fees are c£4,300 per year

or c£143 per week.

How Can I Apply?

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No formal qualifications are required to apply and we welcome applications from young musicians at all stages of learning as long as they bring passion, enthusiasm and dedication with them.


"SMA pushed me to develop my versatility in music which has inspired the way I perform"

Melissa Doody, Student at the Royal Academy of Music

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