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SMA Teacher Launches 'Tune up Tuesdays' with Gildas Quartet

Tune-Up Tuesdays

SMA violin teacher, Chris Jones is launching 'Tune Up Tuesdays' with his quartet.

"We will be hosting a weekly practice club for students, amateurs or anyone else who wants to join us every Tuesday morning at 10am from 7th July and throughout the summer. For 30 minutes we’ll practise together on a zoom call (all muted of course), starting with a few minutes of chat about our own practice and a tip of the week from members of the Gildas Quartet.

During the session you can put any questions or things you’re finding tricky into the chat and we’ll help as best we can. Mainly it’s a chance to join a practice community, start your Tuesday with a burst of productivity and keep a regular appointment during a summer that might seem longer than usual!" It's totally free and to get the zoom code or find out more, sign up HERE

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