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We're Online!

We're absolutely thrilled to be officially online and offering practically full timetables to our staff and students. We want to support in any way we can, and we want to thank our staff, parents and students for adapting so well to this new way of teaching and making music. Here are some great testimonials from our digital teaching so far:

"Great lessons today. Thank you so much for organising what must be a difficult logisitical operation. We are so thankful for the superb teachers and teaching and the support it provides to the children carrying on with their musical learning. Fantastic Academy! Only in Sheffield!" - Parent

“Great music lessons. Was nice to actually see the teachers teaching and hearing music and to also hear the interaction. Great way of distance learning.” – Parent

“All done! SMA@home has given pupil, teacher and parents a new take on Saturday morning – for us, toast and coffee upstairs listening to Vivaldi being played downstairs.” – Parent

"Thanks to SMA for organising a lovely day of learning. Wonderful as a parent and teacher to get a look into all the brilliant lessons - it has given me lots of ideas for learning!" - Parent & Staff

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