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Talking with Tom Pickles

Ahead of his much-anticipated cello recital on Friday 24th January, we caught up with cellist and SMA teacher Tom Pickles:

1) Can you talk us through why you have chosen this particular programme to perform?

These are all pieces that I feel an emotional connection to, and they all, particularly the Beethoven and Rachmaninoff, showcase both cello and piano as equal partners. I was keen to include a work by a living composer (MacMillan), and this being Beethoven’s 250th year, I decided to bring to life one of his less-often heard sonatas

2) How long have you and Roman been playing together?

We started out playing in a piano trio together about 18 months ago, and the duo partnership followed on a few months later

3) What does the Sheffield Music Academy mean to you?

Being a pupil at the academy when it first opened gave me the belief that I could pursue music at a high level, and was also a lot of fun, so I reflect happily on my memories from that time.

It’s been very rewarding coming back in a teaching capacity - the progression year-on-year has been amazing, and I’m sure many exciting times lie ahead. There is a real sense of positive energy & momentum about the Academy which make it special to be a part of.

4) Why are you looking forward to playing this concert in Sheffield?

It’s my first full-length recital in my home city so naturally I’ve been very excited about it. A lot of this music has been significant to me and my artistic development, so I can’t wait to perform it so close to where my cello journey began.

5) In three words describe this concert!

Energetic, passionate, Duo-tastic!

See Tom and Roman perform this dynamic programme on Friday 24th January 2020 at St Andrew's Church, Upper Hanover Way, Sheffield. Tickets can be bought on the door or through the Sheffield Music Academy website.

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