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Friends Host Burns Night Social

The Burns Themed social kicked off with Victoria Beauchamp reading Robert burns poem ‘Up in the Morning Early’ which she said reminded her of having to get up early for SMA in the winter.

Although very nervous I followed by reading ‘Tae a Moosie’

Martin’s baby daughter Bella showed her appreciation with a few gurgles of glee.

A group of students performed numerous songs and played the piano and the violin. These included; a lovely song sang in harmony by Hugo, Nathaniel and Tom, and a Gaelic song which was sang beautifully by Rhianna. Melissa and Rhianna also performed ‘One gold star for me’ which Rhianna accompanied on the Ukulele.

Jess’s 3 year old daughter Francis wowed us with her dance moves – to the delight and amusement of all.

Treasurer, Tim Baycroft was an excellent host, introducing each act and encouraging audience participation. He also sang Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘The Merry Man and His Maid’ from Yeomen of the Guard.

We enjoyed a Scottish general knowledge quiz, a limerick competition and a bagpipe playing competition (which was predictably hilarious!).

There was a tombola with numerous prizes (I bought 12 tickets but failed to win anything!) and an incredible spread including Haggis, neeps and tatties.

The buffet was accompanied by turn taking playing fiddle duets of traditional Scottish tunes and we were delighted by some, two-person/one violin, playing by Martin and Becca, and, Hugo and Tom.

All in all it was a truly fantastic evening, everyone really enjoyed themselves and we are really grateful to the effort put in by the friends, particularly to Victoria Beauchamp, Tim Baycroft, Helena Kean and Dorothy Bradley who worked so hard to make the evening run smoothly.

Looking forward to our next social, the end of year Ceilidh!

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