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Martin Thiselton

Piano, Composition, Theory & Aural Tutor


Martin Thiselton

Piano, Composition, Theory and Aural

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Martin Thiselton has composed in a variety of styles including electronic pieces, orchestral, solo, chamber, keyboard and vocal compositions.  He is classically trained but has enjoyed experience in popular music, folk and rock.

Martin has written pieces for Sheffield Philharmonic Orchestra, Trinity Guildhall, Melmoth Theatre Company, Sheffield Youth Orchestra, Barnsley Music Service, Sheffield University Strings, Ingrid Clement, Melanie Jones, and various choirs.  Recent projects have included a chamber version of the Rite of Spring commissioned by Roberto Meoni, a Te Deum, and a collection of electronic pieces to be suitable for dance.

Martin completed his Doctorate in Composition with NottinghamUniversity in 2001, in the same year in which he became married to Jackie. He has a written a guide to GCSE composition, published by Zigzag Education.

Martin has enjoyed working for Sheffield Music Academy since its opening in 2006.  He also works at SheffieldHigh School, and is an organist (St Timothy’s Church, Sheffield), accompanist and viola player. He plays keyboards for InYerFace house band, and violin/viola for Ethryll.

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