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Jenny Griffiths

Violin, Viola and Musicianship

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Jenny grew up in Birmingham and started learning the Violin at the age of six. At the thirteen she transferred to the Viola after the school’s only Viola player left, and it turned out to be the best decision she made. Jenny worked her way through the Birmingham Schools Orchestras and the CBSO Youth Orchestra, studying the viola under the CBSO’s Liz Fryer.  

Jenny chose to study music at Sheffield University. There she studied performance with Robin Ireland for three years, and focussed her academic studies on Music Education, conducting research on the role of ensemble playing has in the development of beginner musicians. She also performed with working string quartets and orchestras as a student and beyond graduation. 

After graduating she continued to focus on teaching. She has worked in early years, music outreach in disadvantaged areas, including prison outreach with the Leeds Piano Competition, and as a private tutor of both young and grown learners. In her role at Sheffield Music Academy, Jenny teaches the Violin and Viola as well as helping students navigate the world of music theory and helping them engage with listening to music in different ways.  

Outside of the musical world Jenny was a long-serving Brownie and Guide leader in Sheffield, is an avid knitter and handicrafter, and enjoys spending time with her husband Ian and their two children. 

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