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Classroom-Based Learning

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Outside their individual lessons students have the opportunity to develop new musical skills and enhance their existing ones in optional classes that broaden their musical horizons.
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As well as providing all important preparation for upcoming exams, aural classes give students a grounding in musicianship and technique that will enhance all aspects of their music making. 



A class dedicated to the development of each individual's all round musicianship and knowledge. From exploring the great riot-causing ballets of the 20th century to the learning intricate details of medieval counterpoint Musicianship arms students with the knowledge to enhance and expand their practical music making. 

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Provides students with a technical and theoretical grounding that will help them to advance in their practical studies as well as other disciplines such as composition. Whether students are working towards their all-important grade five theory or not these classes are indispensable!

Photo Samantha Avila Ricci and Matthew Stroud.

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