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Charlie Hardwick

Cello, Aural & Chamber Music Tutor

After graduating from the University of Sheffield with an honours degree in 2012, Charlie has been working hard to build her musical career here in her adopted city. An enthusiastic teacher of all ages, and a specialist with beginners, Charlie has over been working in schools for over five years both as an individual cello teacher, but also leading classroom music lessons and taking specialist assemblies.


She currently works for Derbyshire Music Partnership, working across many primary schools in Chesterfield teaching individuals and groups, and is very excited to be joining the team at the music Academy this year.

Before heading to Sheffield to read music at University, Charlie studied at the Royal College of Music Junior Department for three years with Christine Livingstone. During her university studies, Charlie started to build her reputation here in Sheffield and now works freelance for professional groups and recording companies, professional orchestras and other ensembles.

Charlie’s favourite musical pastime is playing for any sized ensemble and she can often be found in rehearsals or concerts for many of the orchestras based in Sheffield. She also plays regularly for the contemporary composer’s collective, Platform 4.  As well as music, she is also keen to start a career in voice-acting and narration and has a serious passion for cooking (and eating).

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