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Alieza Bancroft

Flute and Recorder

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Alieza lived in Canada until the age of 17 and started learning flute at the age of 12 in a band class at school. She was involved in a wide variety of music at school including wind band, pit band and jazz ensemble in Canada and orchestra and choirs when she came to England for the 6th form. She holds a Licentiate of the Guildhall School of Music in flute teaching.


Alieza has had a wide variety flute teachers including Clare Southworth and has also been lucky enough to participate in Masterclasses given by some highly regarded flute players such as Ian Clarke and Michael Cox.


Alieza has been teaching flute in Sheffield since 1991 and joined Sheffield Music Academy in 2007. She particularly enjoys her involvement in the Infants Academy and is pleased to have seen it grow from the initial few pupils to the size it is now. She has played principal flute and piccolo with Sheffield Symphony and The National Flute Orchestra and currently plays with the Windstruments Flute Orchestra. She also plays both descant and treble recorder and sings with Sheffield Singers.


Alieza adores cats and can often be found at Tabby Teas Cat Café, her favourite place in Sheffield. She also goes to the theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon with her husband Ed whenever possible. They are aiming to see all of Shakespeare’s plays performed there, with only 9 more to see.

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