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Procedures

In order to ensure the continued and ongoing safety of all our students, it is imperative that everybody signs in on arrival, including parents and students.


If students are not signed in before their first class of the day, parents will be contacted so we can check whereabouts. Please make sure all students are aware of this so we don’t unduly worry anybody!

Students/Parents requesting absences from the Academy



Parents and Guest Sign In


If you are coming in to SMA on a Saturday, even if just for 15 mins, please sign in our guest book. This is for fire safety purposes. The sign in book is available at the entrance door where you will be greeted by our banner. 


When you are exiting the building a circular green button will release the door. Be careful not to use the emergency door release which is a green box. 


Please, contact us with details of absences.


We appreciate as much notice as possible for any request of absence to help with planning and notifying the appropriate teaching staff.


However, if you are unable to do this and need to notify the Academy of an absence at short notice due to sickness or after 5.00 pm on Friday, please text the Academy on 07704579310. Please do not notify the Academy via social media of any absence.



Bad Weather


Please check the Parent and Student Handbook for information on what to do when weather is bad. 

Unless you hear otherwise SMA will be open as usual and will expecting all students and staff to attend where it is safe for them to do so. If for whatever reason you cannot make it in on a Saturday please phone the SMA mobile and let us know.

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