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SMA Logo Competition 2022!

How do you want to be represented by the Academy?

We are calling on YOU to submit your ideas and designs for a new SMA logo!

Your challenge deadline is the 28th February!

Find out more below...

To get involved, just follow these 3 steps...

Step 1. Watch our two introduction videos below...

get involved

Video 1: Invitation from Martin

Video 2: What is A Logo?

Now you've watched the two videos, what comes to mind when you think of Sheffield Music Academy?
How do you want the Academy to represent you?

big logo rotated clef mid.jpg

Step 2. Brainstorm some ideas...

Step 3. Start designing!

You can paint, draw, write, record, use a computer...we want to see your ideas, imagination, and creativity run wild!

Scroll down to see how to apply...

Introducing our special guest...


We are delighted to welcome our special guest Nick Park - the creator of Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep! - who has agreed to look through your submissions and help us select the most persuasive designs...

Nick used to study at Sheffield Art College and is very excited to be involved!

Nick Park
How To Apply
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