James Douglas

Alexander Technique Tutor

Hello my name is James and I am an Alexander Technique teacher. Before COVID I was also performing wonderful music in concerts all over Europe as the viola player of the Celia Quartet.

I came across the Alexander Technique whilst studying at the Royal College of Music. My approach to playing and movement in general had always been somewhat chaotic. As a result I experienced quite a lot of neck and back pain, both when I played and in day to day life. The Alexander process was simple but effective. First of all it taught me to be aware of what I was doing, and then gave me the opportunity to do something different. I no longer relied on subconscious ‘bad habits’ and could work at building healthy balanced ‘good habits’. My life was transformed. I was no longer in pain, my performance anxiety was channelled into performance excitement and I was calmer and more connected to the world around me.

After graduating I decided to train to teach the Technique as it had been such an influential positive change. I studied for 3 years at the London Centre for Alexander Technique Training and graduated in 2019. After graduating, I was given the wonderful opportunity to assist in the AT department at the Royal College of Music working with young musicians alongside the teachers who had first taught me. 

My teaching is split between Rutland, in the East Midlands, and London. The beauty of AT is that it is applicable to anything. For example I am currently working with a group of Parkour practitioners exploring how AT principles can help them do what they do.